About M&D Data Excellence

Passionate Data Consultants. Hands-on experience and drive in our projects

We all share one big thing…our passion for Data. Data is more then digits, text and/or numbers. Data is important for all of us, data is there in our operational processes, in our documents, in our daily work, in our reports. But most of all, we use data to support our decisions, both operational and strategic decisions are made based on data. We help you to get your data structured in that way that you can drive more value out of it for your organisation.

Our Values

1. Deliver what has been promised. It is crucial and our main goal that we deliver according to expectations

2. Use our experience in tools, technologies and frameworks. We are tool-independent as tools and technology choices are very company specific, depending on needs. For sure our team can advise and help in this tool choice and implementation

3. Think together with the customer. Look with the customer at the needs and help with the future roadmap of projects and programs

4. Continuous learning, as technology evolves a lot within data and IT, our consultants are following trainings and certifications for being up to date with latest developments. Nice example is the possibilities of Open AI- ChatGPT